all my dreams and all the lights
mean nothing without you.

Louis snuggles in close, pulling the blankets up over their shoulders so they’re sharing a cocoon of warmth. “You already know I’m going to marry you.”

Harry’s mouth spreads into a bright smile, dimples finally on full display. ”I want that so much,” he breathes, eyes bright. “What’ll it be like?”

"However we want it," Louis whispers. "It might be huge and showy with hundreds of guests and a massive reception that everyone wants an invite to. It might be tiny, us and the boys and our families in our garden at home. Maybe we’ll wear matching suits or maybe we’ll do it on the beach somewhere and wear shorts. I don’t know yet, I just know I’ll be there to put a ring on your finger."

"Louis," Harry whispers back, overwhelmed again but for entirely different reasons.

"And I’ll tell everyone who’ll listen that you’re mine. Everyone, Harry.”

"More," Harry begs softly. His eyes are closed.

"We’ll have a massive cake and I’ll get icing all over your lovely curls when you’re not looking. Niall will get piss-drunk and teach half the guests an Irish jig before passing out under a table. Liam will make an awkward speech that still manages to make everyone cry, and Zayn will do one that embarrasses the hell out of both of us. Possibly it will include a slide-show of incriminating pictures. Our mums will cry and hug us all night, and Gemma will help all my girls with their hair and makeup and then introduce them to cute boys. Nick will cop off with one of my previously-straight cousins in the toilets and Ed will show up in what he calls a ‘formal hoodie.’ Lux will be in her best party dress and she’ll dance on your big clown feet, and the wedding band will play ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ just to make everyone laugh. And you and me? We’ll be in the middle of it all but we’ll barely notice. I know I won’t be able to look away from you. I’ll have your ring on my finger and that’s all I want, Harry. That’s all we’re ever going to need."

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