all my dreams and all the lights
mean nothing without you.

“Harry, truth or dare,” Liam asks him hesitantly.

“Dare!” Harry crows loudly. He wants someone to dare him to sit next to Louis, that would be the greatest dare ever, he would be so good at that dare, he hopes and hopes that’s the dare Liam has in mind.

“I dare you to,” Liam trails off and looks around the room, as if he’s looking for ideas. “do a handstand against the wall over there.” He points over to the wall near the kitchen.

“Li, he’s drunk,” Zayn laughs. “He couldn’t even do that sober.”

Well, that’s just not fair. “Heeeeyyyy,” Harry whines, pouting. He thinks he could probably have been in the circus in another life. Louis did say they were circus animals and Harry wants desperately to show Louis that he can do this, because maybe if Harry shows Louis that he can do a hand stand, Louis will want to sit next to him and maybe he’ll hold his hand because he’s so proud of Harry. Harry likes that idea, so he shakes his curls out of his eyes and shakily stands up, holding on to Zayn’s shoulder for balance.

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