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Why can’t One Direction actually have girlfriends?

Rantings ahead.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe that Louis is in love with Eleanor.

But as for her being “paid” to be a beard… I don’t know. That seems weird to me. She’s a girl from a university. She isn’t famous. I mean… How did they find her in the first place? How did they know she would keep quiet? That’s just too weird of a concept for me to accept, personally.

Honestly, I’ve always thought that Louis met her, maybe got on with her okay, and it was suggested that they date so that he and Harry would have a cover. Or maybe Modest has some crazy-ass system for finding beards, I don’t know.

Anyway. The point is, I don’t believe that Louis and Eleanor are in a real relationship.

But I do believe that Liam/Danielle and Zayn/Perrie are, at least to some extent.

I have seen SO MUCH Payzer hate on my dash lately and it’s pissing me off. There are so many blogs saying that Danielle “crawled back to Liam for the fame.” Danielle is already famous. And saying that with NO PROOF WHATSOEVER to back up that claim is not cool.

The reason I don’t believe Lou and El are together is that most of the time they don’t look happy or cohesive or anything remotely coupley. But Liam and Danielle look happy together. They kiss the right way (as in, you know, on the lips) and they hold hands the right way and they walk together and it just looks right. I think they’re together. Liam talks about falling in love with her back in the X-factor all the time. And he was visibly upset when they broke up.

I saw this picture on my dash a while ago, and underneath it, it said that this was taken when Liam and Danielle were broken up. Sorry but this doesn’t look like a fake or one-sided relationship to me. This looks like two people that very genuinely care for each other.

So yeah, I think Payzer is a couple. Yeah, being with Liam helps Danielle’s career. So what? Being with Louis gave Eleanor a career. The difference is that Liam/Danielle look like they’re enjoying themselves while Lou and El don’t. 

And then there’s Perrie and Zayn. I understand that I have only heard of Little Mix because Perrie is Zayn’s girlfriend. I understand that Perrie and Zayn are from the same label. I understand that there is a high chance they were set up to boost Little Mix’s fame. BUT THEY LOOK HAPPY TOGETHER, DAMNIT. THEY LOOK LIKE TWO PEOPLE IN LOVE. Or at the very least that enjoy each other’s company.

So my question: Why can’t One Direction actually have girlfriends? Why can’t Liam and Danielle be together because they make each other happy? Why can’t Perrie and Zayn be in love?

You can tell when a relationship is fake or forced. (Ex: Harry and Taylor Swift) But there has to come a day when we realize that NOT EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR FAME. I do believe that a lot of things are done just for publicity (ie: Zayn’s cheating scandal). But not everything. SOMETIMES PEOPLE IN A RELATIONSHIP LOVE EACH OTHER AND PUBLICITY AND FAME DON’T MATTER.

Conclusion: One Direction can actually have girlfriends. The boys are capable of falling in love and spending time with someone they actually enjoy. Just because I believe Elounor isn’t real doesn’t mean I also believe Payzer and Zerrie is bullshit.

So please, quit accusing Danielle of “crawling back to Liam for the fame.” Maybe she came back because she missed him.

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