all my dreams and all the lights
mean nothing without you.


  • Harry needs a haircut
  • Louis needs a haircut
  • Niall could probably use a haircut
  • Liam needs to shave
  • Zayn needs to find a way to look ugly


oh well, at least zayn looked good

-ancient one direction proverb

you didnt like the video?

Noooo it was so uncreative!

Like the morphing bit is cool but again, them walking down a pier has nothing to do with the song? If you’re going to do a walking video, it should be like Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ where she’s walking down the streets of Paris and singing with emotion, and there are different camera angles and shots, not just walking blandly towards a camera in the same direction while the wind is blowing? Like that must have been THE most low-budget music video. It has nothing on the fun, colorful music videos before it. Ben Winston just does nothing for One Direction’s image, his music videos are boring and weird and I just don’t like them at all. Bring me back to Kiss You where they were having fun!! :(

one direction » you & i

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am i hungry or just bored: an autobiography

"I just woke up and found a large butterfly on me. When did that happen?"

Hiiii guys -

If you’ll remember, a while ago I talked about this girl at my school who was left out on a porch for over 9 hours in my hometown in the dead of winter, resulting in her losing her fingers and toes. If you’re interested in knowing how she’s doing, please read this - Her story is amazing. and she is an unbelievably beautiful, inspiring, and strong individual.

Don’t ever forget that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Blind Gossip: A One Direction Speculations Masterpost (Updated 15 April 2014)



Alternatively titled “You’re pretty ace, Ace”

Disclaimer: The analyses contained within this post are all personal, so I’m not claiming to be right in anything I say. I am certainly not Ace and I do not have all of the answers. I did, however, spend a great deal of time organizing and researching in order to put this together, so it is my sincere hope that you enjoy it should you choose to read it.

This post will be continually updated as new blinds surface. New updates can be found in my update tag.

COPYRIGHT: Due to various copyright claims made by Blind Gossip, I have been forced to remove all screenshots. Please follow the provided links to read the blinds. All quoted blind content belongs exclusively to BG.

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BG Update

Sorry I’m so late on this!! Not much in the BG world lately…

mattirwinlondon: sexy potatoes heads @Harry_Styles

I just need to write a few things down before I go to bed. 

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