all my dreams and all the lights
mean nothing without you.


I Snapped him a cute picture with a question, he opened it and didn’t respond, then I texted him another question, and he has yet to respond


Boys are so dumb though.

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Who is he btw?

He’s the doorman at my work omg he’s so so beautiful he’s 6’3” and blonde with the eyes of an angel and the body of a GOD

I have a 5-page essay on Russian foreign policy due on Thursday and tonight is really the only night I have to work on it and I just have zero motivation and all I want to do is Snapchat him but I don’t know how to initiate a sexy conversation gahhhhh I want him soooo baddd allll the timeeee

Hiii Aubrey Why don't cute boys like me ): I haven't had anyone flirt with me in over a year, and my family is constantly asking why I don't have a boyfriend. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

You are doing NOTHING wrong, my peach. These things happen when you least expect them to, trust me.

I actually can’t remember a single time where my expectations matched up to reality. My first date to a dance was completely unexpected, as was my first kiss. Guys at work I never thought I’d have a chance with ended up kissing me right out of the blue. I never expected something and had it happen—It was always delightfully unexpected.

I think the key thing is just to sit back and let love find you. Don’t wait around and expect things. You know that quote about happiness being like a butterfly? If you chase it, it will elude you, but if you stand still, it will come and land softly on your shoulder [or something like that].

Just live your life. Find your passions, make friends, smile, laugh. Someone will see you living and fall in love with you, I guarantee it.

[To back up this claim, I’m pretty sure the guy I’m sort of seeing right now started liking me because of my unbridled enthusiasm about the fact that he had a puppy. So what I’m saying is, I literally got a guy to like me simply because I love puppies. Was I trying to get him to like me? Not particularly. I was just being myself, expressing my great love for dogkind. And things just happened from there.]

Just be you. Love what you love. Live your life. I promise that love will find you.

But if you want some ACTIVE advice, I guess I’d say take a chance and strike up a conversation! What if I had never asked this guy if he had pets? Where would I be? Probably nowhere! Just get out there and talk to some guys you might be interested in, and you can always see where it goes. :)

Hang in there, beautiful. You’ll find love soon, I promise. xxx

I'm trying to get over mine, but sometimes it feels like I'm drowning in him and I can't remember how to swim. We're best friends, and closer than anything, but I couldn't hide my feelings anymore, couldn't give him any more advice, couldn't smile and wave him off to his girlfriends house without feeling like a hole had been punched through my chest. And the worst was the not knowing. The never knowing, never being sure if it was only one-sided. Because if you're offering to be my first, to *

* make it special because you know what it means to me, is it really just platonic? And then when you can’t be my first anymore, offering to ‘help me practice’? But I still don’t know how I got confused, how could I possibly think he felt anything more for me? So I told him. All of it. How much I loved him and how long I’d felt that way, and now I’m running from him until I don’t feel it anymore. Until my body doesn’t ache for him, my heart doesn’t cry for him, until the day I can simply *

* high five him and say “what’s up buddy?” and not feel my heart shatter.

Okay, first of all, it is DEFINITELY not platonic to offer to be someone’s first. Ever. Imagine offering that to someone you considered just a friend. That would just never happen. You have to at least be sexually attracted to someone to want to sleep with them, so that was definitely not platonic, and it was HUGELY manipulative of him to say something like that because that is such a big deal for a girl, and so beyond the realm of friendship, even if he didn’t know the extent of your feelings.

It definitely isn’t your fault that you thought he felt the same. He lead you on. The same thing happened to me. We kissed, we cuddled, he said ‘I love you…’ all of it. Except he claimed he never felt the same. To this day, even after having a girlfriend for 2 years, sometimes he still looks at me or talks to me in the wrong way, like he forgets we’re just friends.

Guys like that don’t know what they want. Guys like that don’t see your value until it’s way too late.

What I’m going to tell you is that time heals all wounds, but scars remain. That may not be what you want to hear, but scars are part of what makes us beautiful. I still feel a dull ache when I think about that guy that lead me on and broke my heart. A part of me will probably always love him. But I was able to heal myself up, move on, and now I can smile at him and it doesn’t really hurt enough to feel.

What you have to know is that what he could offer you would never be enough. It’s not what you deserve. You deserve someone who will never trick you or lead you on, who recognizes your value the second you walk through the door. You don’t deserve someone who makes you wait or fools you into thinking things are different. Because no matter what he says, he hurt you, and that can’t be changed.

Don’t blame this on yourself. You’re not a fool for thinking someone loved you back. You’re not a fool at all, because I would have thought the same thing had someone offered that to me. And I’m sure we’re not alone in that.

It’s okay to run away from him. But don’t run away from yourself. You’re all you have, and trust me when I say that you are damn good company. Take care of yourself, learn from the experience, and when you’re ready, wipe the tears away, stand up, and keep walking.

I love you, I’m proud of you, and I’m rooting for you. xxx

[**1**] i haven't had a crush in a couple of years. the last one hit me so, so hard. we lived together and we were best friends, but his girlfriend lived with us too. we'd share music, and i'd help him write songs, and he'd tell me how much he loved my smile. it was all innocent and, as much as i could feel it, i always denied what i felt building up and up. and then it all happened at once: we got drunk and we kissed and he told me how he wish he'd picked me

[**2**] and how he thinks about me when he’s with his girlfriend, and it broke my heart because /why/ didnt he pick me in the first place. we told his girlfriend the next day that we’d kissed and she wanted me to move out but forgave him straight away and then.. I dont know, she forgave me after a while and things started getting back to normal. he’d write songs with me again and he’d try to hold my hand when he was drunk and tell me how much he loved that night,

[**3**] but when she was there he was so, so horrible and called me fat and lonely and pathetic. And despite of all that, I still fucking waited for him to just sit in the kitchen with me so we could drink tea and listen to music and he’d apologise for saying those things but then he’d say them all over again and… ugh. there are so many songs I cant listen to now because of him. I havent seen him in over a year. I miss him. I hate him, but I miss him.

Oh darling, my heart aches for you. We are so similar. I’d have waited, too. I have waited. Waited and wanted and wished. I don’t think you ever completely get over something like that - The pain just kind of becomes a part of you. But then you get strong and it’s only a dull ache that might surface on rainy days or when one of the songs that reminds you of him plays on the radio.

You’re going to find someone amazing, and they’re going to envelop you in so much love that you’ll forget that pain ever even existed. I promise. :) Thank you for taking the time to share. xxx

Tell me about your crushes.

I want to know everything. I want to read it like poetry - I want to know what their eyelashes look like in the sunlight, what kind of metaphor describes their smile, what their voice sounds like when they say your name, what they do to take your breath away. I want you to tell me all the things they do to make you smile or sigh or laugh or maybe even cry. So, tell me.

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